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Mia Lindener

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Mia Lindener
Product Manager

Meet Mia, one of the Product Managers at Chiesi Nordic. Mia is working in Denmark and has been a part of Chiesi since 2014. She is educated as a social and healthcare assistant and has previous experience from different therapeutic areas within the pharma industry.


Mia started at Chiesi as a sales representative, but today Mia is working as a Nordic Product Manager within the respiratory field. Mia describes how you as a Product Manager, are responsible and involved in many aspects around the products, working with everything from planning and implementing strategy, handling materials, events and budgets and making sure that the local legal and ethical rules are followed.


What do you think is the most fun with your work? 

Working at Chiesi is always fun if you want it to be. Every day is a new day, where you are responsible for making the most out of it since we work with important products that make a difference for patients. In Chiesi I feel this amazing energy that makes me want to be the best version of myself every day. Of course, we also have bad days, but then there is always a possibility to find a colleague that can help you get back on track.


Which qualities do you believe are the most important to be a part of Chiesi? 

The loyalty and openness. We are all working for the same goal and I am impressed by the many different and highly, professional, social, and personal skills that are among us at Chiesi.


How do you feel that you have developed during your time at Chiesi?

This is always a difficult question to respond to about yourself. I will answer like this; I am proud and humble about the opportunities and development Chiesi has given me and hopefully still will give. I have so much more to learn and to contribute with. I feel that Chiesi really is doing a big effort to give all of us the opportunity to develop and grow in our current roles or into new roles and responsibilities.