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Jonas Lindeborg

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Jonas Lindeborg
Supply Chain Manager

Jonas started at Chiesi in January 2020 as our Supply Chain Manager. Jonas has extensive experience from the pharmaceutical industry, and he has prior to joining Chiesi been working in different roles within Supply Chain Management.


Jonas describes his role as a very wide one, being responsible for the end-to-end supply chain to and within the Nordic countries. It involves working upstream towards to the production sites for accurate demand management and on-time replenishment to the Nordic countries. Jonas is also responsible for the product distribution to our patients and for the wholesaler relationships.


What do you think is the most fun with your work?

I love the fact that my role evolves around so many functions and stakeholders, feeling a bit like a spider in the web. Being deeply involved both locally in our Nordic affiliate, externally through relationship management towards our customers, but also having close relationships with our Headquarters in Parma, is just such a stimulating work environment. My work has a nice balance between social relationships and analytics, making every day different from another.


Which qualities do you believe are the most important to be a part of Chiesi? 

As in any organization it is important to have a diverse work force to allow us to see different perspectives and bring in new ideas and experiences. What has helped me a lot, being in a rapidly growing company, has been to be curious, agile, and having an open mindset towards changes. I believe it is important to try to have an end-to-end thinking mindset, understanding the impact your work has on others.


How do you feel that you have developed during your time at Chiesi?

I think Chiesi really puts their trust in their employees. I have had the opportunity to develop significantly since I started, for example by having an important role in the development and implementation of our new Nordic Supply Chain. I really feel that there is a lot of room for my professional development, by being allowed to combine operational improvements and strategic thinking for the future.